banjo - it's a simple web framework for building simple web applications
   mruby-pong - is a simple library for quickly creating web applications in MRuby
   had-gem - Had is Hanami Api Documentation gem. This gem generates API documentation for integration tests written with RSpec for Hanami
   getsb-cli - Getsb is a command-line tool for sending HTTP request.
   knock - knock is a simple HTTP Client library for Rust
   mruby-smallhttp - Small http-client gem for mruby
   mruby-tbot - MRuby library for working with Telegram Bot API.
   deadlytweetbot - This is Telegram Bot, which can help you to post your tweets in Twitter with auto destroying timer. So when times over, your tweet is gone.
   faat - It's Faat! Gem that will kill your fat model. Generally it is a library that allows you to conveniently operate service objects in Ruby on Rails.
   Karatel App - API for mobile application & Web Admin Panel - DarcMatter- an online investment platform that provides transparent and seamless access into alternative investments.